About us

Family-run company, LAMELLUX was founded in 1985 by Pierre Bordelongue. Today his son, Guillaume, takes over.

Around 1930, flourished two companies:
     - A marquetry, nestled in Corrèze, where four generations have passed,
     - A cabinet-making workshop with an innovative specialty: high-quality glued-laminated wood.

In the 80s, from the union of these both noble know-how, was born the LAMELLUX manufacture. With this sense of curiosity, that characterizes the company and after many years of research, Lamellux found the formula of a genuine resin, aptly named LxResin® and ​the trademark lamellux® is registered.

Today, still passionate about R&D, the new generation turns resolutely to design and completion of BESPOKE projects including:
     - Doors (backlit, curved, sliding, swinging, on pivot, acoustic, fire rated ...)
     - Contemporary wood paneling, straight and bent wall panel, headboard...
     - Counter facades, columns...
     - Furniture, dressing, desk, bookcase, vanity top, conference tables...
These bespoke elements are specifically designed and manufactured for interior decoration of public and private spaces: hospitality, residential, Yachting, aircraft, cars, retail and boutiques, corporate...

Lamellux integrates a complete production equipment: wood drying unit, carpentry workshops (4 and 5 axes CNC routers, CNC saws, presses, sanders ...), marquetry workshop, composite workshop and laboratory, finishing workshop).

For its precious know-how and innovative culture, Lamellux is labeled EPV (Living Heritage Company), French Innovative Company, BPIfrance Excellence, Master Craftsmanship Company.


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