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The figure after the item name indicates the thread in mm. For instance, "Thalassa 10" means 10 mm from hole to hole.

The substrates are calibrated depending on the end-use of the panels :

  • multiply,
  • MDF (standard, CTBX damp-resistant or MI fire-resistant),
  • aluminium honeycomb,
  • MO substrate.

The edges of the panels can be : machine-dressed, pre-grooved, veneered, pre-banded, moulded...

There is no standard size, our panels are made-to-measure.

Concerning doors, substrate is directly made with a solid core. That technical substrate is specially made for doors. The door unit can on request, be made in sound insulation and/or anti-intrusion and fire resistance grades.

The standard finish is matt but can be adapted on request : wax, specific tint, sandblast, ceruse, patina...

(1) "Naturbois" and "Empreinte" are sawn veneers made from solid palnks of cabinet-making quality. They are therefore not all identical and matched up sliced veneers, they show their varied and natural grain.
NOTA : All wooden items must be installed and maintained in a balanced environment with a hygrometry above 45%.

Panneaux d'habillage mural, 1 face vue.
Fixation sur tasseaux clé.

Panneaux d'habillage mural, 1 face vue.
Panneaux bord à bord.

Panneaux d'habillage mural, 1 face vue.
Raccord entre 2 panneaux avec joint creux et fausse languette coordonnée au parement.

Raccord en angle saillant :
à simple recouvrement.

Raccord en angle saillant avec coupe onglet.


Colonne galbée en deux demi coques